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Mapek is a distributor of Boart Longyear since 1999 in Turkey.

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The DeltaBase series of drill rigs are field proven for use in the anchor installation, freezing, micro piling, root piling, ground engineering and tunneling applications.


Designed and manufactured by our capital equipment group, these drills provide long life and the performance you expect from Boart Longyear products.







DeltaBase 053



The DeltaBase 053 can drill simultaneously with sampling tubes and casing. In extremely difficult conditions, holes can be started with large diameter casing and then changed to smaller diameter casing at depth to improve penetration rates.

With the included and easy to use pullout jack 15 t of pullout force is available for casing extraction.

The undisturbed core is collected in a plastic liner held in the sample tube. A vice is optionally available to hold the sample tube while the sampler shoe is uncoupled and the retaining ring and plastic liner are withdrawn.


The design of the drive head eliminates the need for any threading or inserting of pins to connect the drill rods to the machine, thereby greatly improving the efficiency of rod adding and pulling operations.





DeltaBase 95



The new DeltaBase (DB) 95 drill rig is designed for the foundation construction market. Featuring a compact footprint, best-in-class mast articulation and the highest power of any rig in its range, the DB95 is targeted at tieback and soil nail drilling applications and offers contractors an excellent level of versatility for difficult site conditions.


One of the most innovative and useful features of the new DB95 is the patent-pending MasterLink™ mast articulation design. The technology enables fast on-hole setup for foundation construction drillers by maintaining precise and consistent drilling angles as the mast articulates. Operators can easily adjust the height of the mast as necessary while locking-in the drill-mast inclination as they proceed. The drill system is mounted to an independent pendulum crawler which is capable of handling extreme terrain without the need for stabilization jacks.


The drill is light, weighing only 10,000 kg (22,050 lbs), but it boasts heavy-duty specs in a highly portable format. Operating with a 105 kW (141 hp) power pack, this compact drill delivers the highest power in its size and class. The hydraulic power pack of the DB95 features load-sensing technology which provides power-on-demand, saving fuel, maximizing energy efficiency and extending engine life. Oversized hydraulic hoses ensure efficient power transmission and reduce power loss. In addition, the mast of the DB95 has a maximum torque rating of 15,000 Nm and a pullback capacity of 7,000 kg, providing contractors with the strength to manage a wide range of foundation applications.





DeltaBase 102



The DeltaBase 102 Anchor drill rig for double-head drilling systems,rotary / percussion operations is specially designed for the following key capabilities:

• Rock drills up to We = 850 (Nm)

• Rotary heads up to M = 2,600 (Nm)

• Double head drilling units: Rotary/Rotary,        Rotary / Percussion

• Hydraulic clamping and breaking system up to max. 345 mm




The main advantages of the DeltaBase 102 are:

• Compact design

• Modern loadsensing hydraulic

• Highest coordination between equipment technology and drill technology



















DeltaBase 520/525


The DeltaBase 520/525 provides high drilling power in a verydb500

small package.  This multipurpose drill has rig the ability

to employ many different drilling making the DB520/525 and

essential tool on today’s jobsite.



• Heavy duty mast design and multi-speed drill heads

allow for high torque drilling but also high speeds for

coring when required

• Mounted on steel tracks for difficult terrain and optional

radio remote control for driving

• Standard safety features including an interlocked

safety cage and low speed, low torque rotation for


• Options for on-board accessories including water

pumps, Automatic SPT, and rod rack means that

everything is on-site and ready to drill






DeltaBase 540


db540The DeltaBase 540 is a powerful and versatile Multipurpose drill rig. With the ability to perform coring, DTH drilling, rotary flush, auger drilling as well as perform Standard Penetration Testing makes the DB540 a key part of any rig fleet.  


  • Single and Dual head drilling options up to 800 rpm and  16 kNm (12.4k ft-lb) of torque
  • Hydraulic Make and break clamps up to 406 mm (16”)
  • Independent hydraulic leveling jacks
  • Steel tracked carrier with radio remote driving control for excellent performance in difficult terrain
  • Rig mounted automatic SPT
  • High flow and high pressure water pump options
  • Standard safety features including interlocked safety cage